Data from your prior system has been migrated to your new PolicePro system. Everyone has had a round or two of training. The system is turned on and the officers are loving it. End of our road, right?

Wrong! This is the beginning of what we hope will be a long road indeed. Statistically, software migrations go for around ten years, so you need to be confident you made the right move, trusting your operations to a small outfit like Steamboat Data Systems.

Technical Support is more than a phone call when a report doesn’t print out correctly. Ideally, a two-way relationship develops between the department and us at Steamboat. We work very hard to create, grow, and maintain those relationships.

Every department gets their own, private project management interface for making requests, suggestions, complaints or often just discussing some point of police procedure. With this support interface, all requests are logged and tracked, To-Do lists are easy to track, and files can be stored temporarily or permanently, whether they are development archives, a sketched suggestion for a new feature from somebody in the ID section, or just copies of every UCR report for the past several years.

Whether you are adding a project management entry, sending an email, participating in a scheduled or impromptu video conference, or making a phone call, you are always dealing with the people who actually created the program and who are jointly responsible for every part of the company. You have almost certainly met each of us, and you know us. Over the years, we get to know people at our departments very well. It’s a far cry from the usual deal where the salesperson disappears the minute the check clears and the voice on the tech support line tells you your call will be elevated to a Level 2 request and someone will get back to you.

With the advent of web-based videoconferencing solutions, we are doing more face-to-face meetings than ever, whether participants are 100 miles away or literally 17 timezones away on the other side of the globe. Everyone’s productivity is going up, and people are happy.

We also make extensive use of remote access tools to connect directly (and securely) to your servers and desktops for routine maintenance, requested changes, installation of updates and new features, or guiding a user through a problem needing immediate attention.

We truly go above and beyond in our technical support, and it’s because of where we came from and how we got here. It was a real commitment doing this: taking care of agencies who, by definition, never close … running 24/7 and need their systems working and reliable. We’ve been doing it since 1997.

On top of everything else, our users have never experienced a self-inflicted PolicePro system failure. Having such a solid platform makes the rest of the job even easier.

Tech Support is part of every PolicePro package. This service is billed annually and pricing may vary based on department size, complexity (desktops only or laptops in cars, one station or geograpically dispersed across a couple of hundred miles). For agencies within 200 miles, we make occasional onsite visits whether we need to or not, just to keep that social contact going. It’s one of the many reasons why our clients are so loyal to PolicePro and to us personally, and we are well aware of how valuable that is.